Worship for June 7, 2020

This is Holy Trinity Sunday.

It’s an anomaly as far as church festivals go.

It’s not based on a story (like Pentecost or the Epiphany).  It’s not celebrating part of Jesus’ life (like Christmas or Easter).  It’s not remembering a person (like one of the saints or martyrs).

Instead, it’s proclaiming a doctrine, a teaching, a belief.  The Holy Trinity.

Not necessarily something to get the blood boiling or the adrenaline flowing!

But I think it is important, in these incredibly difficult, incredibly divided times, to remember that God reveals God’s very self to be the definition of unity.

And that God reveals that God’s desire is the same unity for creation, and with creation.

Life isn’t meant to be divided, separated into neat little compartments which exist in splendid isolation.

Life, relationships, work, nature, finances, intimacy, faith, health, country, race….  It’s all the same.  It’s all one.  It’s all loved.

It’s all drawn together in the unity that is God.

Spend some time in worship, in unity with God, with each other, with creation.

And have a small bowl of water handy!

Peace be with you all.

Worship for the Home – Trinity Sunday

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