Worship in Interesting Times

At the beginning of this year, we thought the big news story of 2020 was going to be the election campaign in the U.S.

Then it was going to be the uncontrolled wildfires burning in Australia.

Then it was going to be Covid-19.

Then it was going to be “murder hornets.”

Now it’s the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers, and the resulting protests and disruption, which has taken place literally around the world.

We are living in “Interesting Times.”

And our worship needs to reflect that reality.

If our worship tries to avoid what is happening around us, or attempts to shut it out, or is motivated by a desire to “take a break” from all that’s going on, we are, quite frankly, no longer listening to the God who comes in the middle of life.

In the middle of “Interesting Times,” Jesus does not bring escapist comfort.

Jesus brings God’s very real presence, and a call to dive in.

We do not dive in alone.  We have each other, and we have the presence of God.

Those do not make it easier. But they do make it do-able.

Let’s jump.

Worship for the Home – Pentecost 2

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