Did you notice that?

Easter came!

In spite of Covid-19, in spite of lock downs, in spite of restricted travel and “social distancing” and confusion and cabin fever and no public gatherings in church (or anywhere else for that matter), Jesus showed up, and brought New Life with him.

Sure, it’s different.  Yes, adjustments needed to be made (and will continue to need to be made). Absolutely, it feels strange.

And that will continue, too.

But that’s the great thing about new life: it’s NEW!

It’s not like it was before.  It’s not a continuing version of what we knew.  It’s not just perpetuating the old.

The New Life of Easter is NEW.  Brand new.  Completely new.  Totally new.

And that’s worth celebrating, even if we are stuck inside!

Christ is risen indeed!

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Here’s a link to a fun little Easter greeting.  Pass it along!


And here are links to the liturgies we are making available for the Sundays of Easter.  Feel free to share them.

Worship for the Home – Easter 1

Worship for the Home – Easter 2

Worship for the Home – Easter 3

Good Friday

This is a very different Holy Week this year.

So, we are doing things differently.

Below is a link to the video which our Lunenburg Ministerial Association put together for Good Friday.

We had originally planned to hold a joint, ecumenical service at St. John’s Anglican Church in Lunenburg this year.

Since that is not an option, we decided to use the liturgy we would have used, but share it in a more appropriate way, give the Covid-19 pandemic.

May God bless us all with an increased awareness, not only of the presence of God in the middle of our suffering and isolation, but also of the inherent connection between people, and between people and creation, all of which are loved by the God who came, who died, who rose, and who comes, now and always.

Peace be with you all.

Lunenburg Good Friday


Welcome to Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lunenburg!

My name is Rick Pryce, and I am the pastor of Zion.

And we are in “Interesting Times” right now, aren’t we?

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not able to hold public services until the Public Health officials of the province tell us it is safe to do so.

Which means, we are finding alternative ways of worshipping, serving our neighbours and community, and reaching out with the love of God which comes even in our hardest situations.

Here are a couple ways we are doing that.

1 – We are ringing our church bell every day for 5 minutes just before noon, as a reminder to the community that, even in the middle of physical distancing, we are going through this time together, and that God’s love goes with us.

2 – We are working with our sisters and brothers in the other Lunenburg churches to offer support as we are able.  One example is by praying the Lord’s Prayer (also known as the Our Father) together.  See it here.

We will also be cooperating with area churches to put together a video liturgy for Good Friday.  Check back here as the date approaches.

3 – We are putting together worship materials which can be used at home, for each Sunday the building is closed.  Click on the date below to see them.

March 22, 2020 (The 4th Sunday in Lent)

March 29, 2020 (The 5th Sunday in Lent)

April 5, 2020 (Palm Sunday)

April 9, 2020 (Maundy Thursday)

April 10, 2020 (Good Friday) (An abbreviated liturgy)
See also the link below (on the “Good Friday” page) for a full liturgy in video format.

If there are other ways in which we might reach out to the people who need us, or if you’d like to talk with me (about anything!), please leave us a message on our Contact page.

In the mean time,
May almighty God,
the Father who created you to live in love,
the Son (✝) who died and rose to bring you new life,
and the Holy Spirit, who frees us to serve in the most extraordinary circumstances,
bless you all, now and forever.