September 11 – Genesis

Our reading from Genesis today is from Chapter 1.

“God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good.”

Reflection – All of creation is described as “good.”  How do you understand the word “good” in this context?  Can you apply it to these strange days?

See you tomorrow!

Reading the Bible

Hello everyone.

Our National Bishop, Susan Johnson, is encouraging us to a 4-year effort toward Spiritual Renewal.

To that end, with the pick up in activity in our Fall season, she is asking us to join her in a year of reading the Bible.

Each day, a couple verses and a couple questions will be posted on this page for you to aid in your reading and reflection.

We start with the invitation from Bishop Susan.

See you tomorrow!

Getting Ready – What our Gatherings will Look Like

The Council of Zion has put the following video together to help members understand how our Sunday services will look for the next while.

As we all know, things can change, and they can change in a hurry. But for the present, this is the direction we will be taking.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, September 6th!

Getting Ready for Public Worship

We are in the process of planning.

We are exploring what it will look like.

We are examining our options.

We are listening to experts.

We’re not “there” yet, but we’re on the way.

So, as a way to prepare yourself, take a look at the poster below.

It was prepared by our colleague, Pastor Kimber Mueller-McNabb at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Halifax.

Keep it in mind as we get ready.

Because it’s all about the community.

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 5.17.04 PM


Worship for the Home, with a twist!

Hi everyone.

This week, we are doing something rather different.

Because we are no longer stuck in our buildings for worship, this week’s service is a joint venture between the congregations of the Lunenburg Lutheran Parish (Zion in Lunenburg and Grace in First South), the Rose Bay Parish (St. Matthew’s in Rose Bay), and St. Philip’s in Toronto.

Go to the St. Philip’s webpage (click here), scroll to the bottom of the page, and worship with people in Nova Scotia and Ontario!

You know, I kinda like this freedom from boundaries…

Peace be with you all!

Worship for the Home for July 12

As we work our way through this summer of 2020, we are blessed to be reminded that we do not go alone.

The Bishops of our church, as well as their Assistants, are preparing reflections for each Sunday of the summer.

This week’s message come from Deaconess Michelle Collins, Assistant to the Bishop of the Manitoba/Northwest Ontario Synod.

May God’s peace be with all of you.

Worship for the Home, July 12, 2020

Worship in Interesting Times

At the beginning of this year, we thought the big news story of 2020 was going to be the election campaign in the U.S.

Then it was going to be the uncontrolled wildfires burning in Australia.

Then it was going to be Covid-19.

Then it was going to be “murder hornets.”

Now it’s the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers, and the resulting protests and disruption, which has taken place literally around the world.

We are living in “Interesting Times.”

And our worship needs to reflect that reality.

If our worship tries to avoid what is happening around us, or attempts to shut it out, or is motivated by a desire to “take a break” from all that’s going on, we are, quite frankly, no longer listening to the God who comes in the middle of life.

In the middle of “Interesting Times,” Jesus does not bring escapist comfort.

Jesus brings God’s very real presence, and a call to dive in.

We do not dive in alone.  We have each other, and we have the presence of God.

Those do not make it easier. But they do make it do-able.

Let’s jump.

Worship for the Home – Pentecost 2

Worship for June 7, 2020

This is Holy Trinity Sunday.

It’s an anomaly as far as church festivals go.

It’s not based on a story (like Pentecost or the Epiphany).  It’s not celebrating part of Jesus’ life (like Christmas or Easter).  It’s not remembering a person (like one of the saints or martyrs).

Instead, it’s proclaiming a doctrine, a teaching, a belief.  The Holy Trinity.

Not necessarily something to get the blood boiling or the adrenaline flowing!

But I think it is important, in these incredibly difficult, incredibly divided times, to remember that God reveals God’s very self to be the definition of unity.

And that God reveals that God’s desire is the same unity for creation, and with creation.

Life isn’t meant to be divided, separated into neat little compartments which exist in splendid isolation.

Life, relationships, work, nature, finances, intimacy, faith, health, country, race….  It’s all the same.  It’s all one.  It’s all loved.

It’s all drawn together in the unity that is God.

Spend some time in worship, in unity with God, with each other, with creation.

And have a small bowl of water handy!

Peace be with you all.

Worship for the Home – Trinity Sunday