Worship for May 9, 2021

Hello everyone.

The provincial government has extended the current Covid lock-down through the end of May, so we will be worshipping virtually at least that long.

Fortunately, we had planned on doing that this week anyway! Therefore, below is a link to the video which has been prepared for your use, your prayer, your reflection, your worship.

If you need assistance during this difficult time, please do be in touch.

If you know of someone who needs assistance during this time, please do be in touch. We have resources which can make a difference.

Peace be with you all.


We have the opportunity to follow our Lord in bringing healing and health to our world. All we have to do is get the Covid vaccine.

Currently in the province of Nova Scotia, people 55 years old or more are eligible to get the vaccine. Also, in addition to Kinley’s Drug Store, the pharmacy in the Independent Grocery Store in Lunenburg is now offering the Moderna vaccine, and has spaces available.

To book your appointment to get the Covid vaccine, go to the Nova Scotia Corona Virus website at https://novascotia.ca/coronavirus/book-your-vaccination-appointment/, or call 1-833-797-7772.

Worship for April 18, 2021

Alleluia! Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Click on the link below to see a non-Communion version of this morning’s service.

We continue our Easter celebrations. May you be filled with Easter joy, and work to spread that joy in this Good Friday world.

Worship for Sunday, March 21

Hello everyone.

Below is a modified version of the liturgy we used on Sunday morning, our last Sunday in the Lenten season.

I’ll be honest: It’s a bit pointed. But, let’s also be honest about the context: It was a pretty brutal week in some places, and we need to confront that.

May God open our eyes to see: see where we are falling down, see where we might make a difference, and (especially) see where Jesus is coming in our messed up world.

“We wish to see Jesus.”

Peace to you all.


Click on the link to see the service.

Worship for March 7, 2021

Hello everyone!

Attached below is a (non-Eucharistic) copy of the service we used on Sunday in the Lunenburg Lutheran Parish.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of this Covid Pandemic, we remember that we are called to be a community which cares about each other, and we celebrate those moments when we have seen that in action, and have been able to take part.

Peace be with you all!