The Good News is Challenge Before it is Comfort

The Good News of God’s love for us is the core of what we are about as church.

It is literally the bottom line.  If we lose that, we’ve lost everything that matters.

The challenge is that God’s love calls US to love as we have been loved.  We are called to care for others the same way we are cared for.

This is a challenge in the best of times.

It’s a REAL challenge these days, when we are NOT in “the best of times.”

It can be kinda scary to venture outside the house these days.

It’s also getting harder to stay in the house these days!  The sunnier it gets, the warmer it gets, the more isolated we feel.

It’s natural to want to “get back to normal.”  It’s natural to want to interact.  It’s natural to want to spend time doing “normal” things again.

But it is precisely in the hard times that the Good News becomes Good News!

We are called, especially in these days, to do the loving thing, to be loving people, to care for as we have been cared for.

It’s a challenge.  But it’s also our calling.

And God goes with us.

Thanks be to God.

Worship for the Home – Easter 6

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