Worship during Pandemic – May 6, 2020

“We can’t gather as the church.”

That’s what we are telling ourselves, isn’t it?

Since health officials are telling us to keep practicing “Social Distancing,” we are forced to stay home on Sunday.

(I’ll bet you already know where this is going, don’t you?)

But we are not just The Church when we are sitting in the pews.

Indeed, in these extraordinary times, I suggest that we are most truly being “The Church” of Jesus precisely when we are staying home for the sake of our neighbour.

It not easy.  In fact, some days it’s downright tough to be this kind of church.

But then, being a loving community has frequently felt like a cross.  Especially in extraordinary times.

So remember that God goes with you, every step of this unfamiliar path.  Remember that God goes with us, every step we take (even when we’re not sure of the direction we need to be going).

And remember that your sisters and brothers in Christ are praying with you, as you make use of the liturgy attached below.

Which right now, is a pretty good way to BE “The Church.”

Worship for the Home – Easter 5

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