Good Shepherd Sunday – May 1, 2020

This Sunday (May 3rd) is the 4th Sunday of the Easter Season.

It is traditionally a Sunday to emphasize the care that God provides us, God’s people and, indeed, all of creation.

In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, we can find ourselves wondering about that care.  Is it still there?  Does is still apply?  Did it ever?  Has it changed?

I don’t think God’s care for us HAS changed.  However, the situation in which we currently live has forced us to think differently ABOUT that care.

And as hard as this may be, it’s probably ok for us to be doing this “different thinking.”

After all, our situation has changed rather drastically.  It makes a certain amount of sense that our thinking just might need to change, too, in order to keep up.

That being said, be gentle with yourself as you do this “different thinking,” as you learn how to process your experiences in new ways.  You’ve had your whole life to get to this point!  It’s ok that it might take a while to adjust.

It is an oft-quoted aphorism, but it’s true – Life is not about the destination; it’s about the journey.

We are most definitely “on the road” right now!  And, quite frankly, we’re not too sure about where we are heading.

But Good Shepherd Sunday reminds us that we have not been abandoned.  The Shepherd is simply taking us to a new pasture.

Enjoy the trip.

Peace be with you.

Worship for the Home – Easter 4

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