Did you notice that?

Easter came!

In spite of Covid-19, in spite of lock downs, in spite of restricted travel and “social distancing” and confusion and cabin fever and no public gatherings in church (or anywhere else for that matter), Jesus showed up, and brought New Life with him.

Sure, it’s different.  Yes, adjustments needed to be made (and will continue to need to be made). Absolutely, it feels strange.

And that will continue, too.

But that’s the great thing about new life: it’s NEW!

It’s not like it was before.  It’s not a continuing version of what we knew.  It’s not just perpetuating the old.

The New Life of Easter is NEW.  Brand new.  Completely new.  Totally new.

And that’s worth celebrating, even if we are stuck inside!

Christ is risen indeed!

+     +     +     +

Here’s a link to a fun little Easter greeting.  Pass it along!


And here are links to the liturgies we are making available for the Sundays of Easter.  Feel free to share them.

Worship for the Home – Easter 1

Worship for the Home – Easter 2

Worship for the Home – Easter 3

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